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The lawyers of Kratz and Barry LLP’s track record in the Life Sciences industry is top of the line, consistently employing decisive strategies to efficiently serve their clients’ business objectives. They work with clients in this industry in pre-litigation and litigation matters, involving more than 80 drugs and have achieved numerous favorable settlements where appropriate. They are also battle-tested at trial, again achieving the best possible results when it is necessary to “go all the way” with litigation. 


Their experience crosses virtually every therapeutic area and covers a complete array of patent types and technical issues. Kratz and Barry LLP attorneys are also experienced and skilled in accounting for and addressing issues arising outside the context of the typical Hatch-Waxman case, including antitrust issues and FDA regulatory matters, coordination with international strategies with respect to the particular drug or class of drugs, as well as other litigation areas facing a Life Sciences company, including products liability, labor and employment and licensing and commercial disputes. 


The attorneys of Kratz and Barry LLP also have extensive experience in managing litigation costs, and are pioneers in introducing Alternative Fee Arrangements (“AFAs”) in pharmaceutical patent litigation, with successful experience with a variety of AFAs in this industry dating back more than 15 years. We understand your business and litigation needs, and the pressures for cost predictability and containment, and will work with you to develop workable solutions.

To find out more about how we can work with you on pahramaceutical litigation projects, please contact us.

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